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6 Effective Ways to Step Up Your Insurance Agency Ownership Game

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Leavitt Group is thrilled to bring you an end-to-end webinar series that offers tips, knowledge, and strategies to help you seriously enhance your insurance agency ownership game.

We’ll be hosting six distinct webinars over the upcoming two months, just in time to prepare to bring your 'A' game into year 2022. Register for each webinar at the registration links below.

We’ve structured this series to be like steppingstones to show you what it takes to grow and build your agency, so we encourage you to try and attend all of them if you can, leading up to Agency Valuation as the pinnacle event.

Upcoming Events

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Perpetuation Strategy

Date TBD  //  Sign up to be notified of new date

Caylor Dalley—Sr. Executive Vice President - Operations, Leavitt Group

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Building Relationships with Insurance Carriers

Wed, Oct. 20th  //  12:00–12:45 PM EDT

David Broadbent—Executive Vice President, Leavitt Group
Mac Naughtan—Senior Vice President, Leavitt Group

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Agency Valuation Process

Thur, Oct. 28th  //  11:00–11:45 AM EDT

Jake Jensen—Executive VP of Affiliations, Leavitt Group
Kevin Callister—Chief Affiliations Officer, Leavitt Group

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Past Events—Watch Now

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How to Build a Sales Culture

August 23rd  //  Watch the recording

Greg Suman—Chief Development Officer, Leavitt Group
Michael S. Leavitt—Chief Sales Officer, Leavitt Group

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Recruiting Producers to Grow My Agency

August 30th  //  Watch the recording

Brent Davis—VP of Talent Development, Leavitt Group

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Are You a Price Peddler or an Insurance Advisor?

September 9th  //  Watch the recording

Peggy Hansen—Director of Sales, Leavitt Group

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Recordings of the live webinars will be emailed right to your inbox and posted to our LinkedIn page. Follow us there if you aren’t already.

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